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How to buy?

HOW TO BUY IN Royal Combat

01. Choose the product

When you find the product you want, click on DETAILS to get more informations and if you want buy it just choose the quantity of the items that you want e click in "Buy Product".

02. Shopping Cart

When you click on the button BUY PRODUCT, you add the product chosen in your "Shopping Cart", that shows all the informations about your purchase. In the shopping cart you can get all the informations about the products purchased.

Besides that, your shopping cart controls all your order, clicking on the buttons:

  • The button CONTINUE PURCHASES allows access the homepage, to navigates through the store and choose other products.
  • The button UPDATE allows view the correct quantity of products and the real value to be paid for each case that you have changed the quantity of the desired product.
  • To remove any item click on X (trash) next to of the product that will be excluded.
  • Selecting the form of Delivery and click on the button UPDATE. The value of delivery will appears calculated below of the Total of the Purchase.

After finish this procedure, click on the buttom FINALIZE PURCHASE.

03. Register of new client (Login)

When click on the button "Finalize Purchase", you will access the Login Page of the Store.

  • If you are client, just put your e-maill address on the field indicated and then inform your password resgistered on the site.
  • If you are not client yet, click in "If is your first purchase in this store click here...".
  • Fill correctly the fields of the form in this page. After that, you will have a register in the Royal Combat and if you click on the button PROCEED, you access the page of Closing of Order.

After confirm all the informations typed, click again on the button FINALIZE PURCHASE or PROCEED.

Delivery and Payment

Here you come back to confirm if all the informations of your order are correct and defines what is the delivery address and how you want to pay your order. This page is split in 2 distinct parts:

  • Type the delivery address of your order.
  • You will can choose how to pay your order. Remember that after close your order, cannot be possible any change.

After completing all the steps, click on the button PROCEED. In the final page you will see the datas of your order.

Click in FINALIZE PURCHASE to conclude your order !