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Shipping & Returns

See the policies of exchange of the products bought through of Royal Combat, here, you can get with our total assistance after the purchase of your product. Take it easy and count with us !

1. The Client Dissatisfaction

Desistance of Purchase:
If you bought a product through the Royal Combat, received the product in perfect conditions, and even so don't felt satisfied with the purchase, you may ask through of our central attendance the cancellation of the purchase. But stay alert to the rules below.

Period for give up a purchase:

As dictate in the rules of CDC (Code of Defense of Consumer), the client that realizes a purchase through of virtual stores, have until 7 (seven) days after the receive of the product to register the desistance of the purchase.

The wish of cancellation must be immediately reported to supplier of the service, following the rules:

Devolution of Goods:
The goods must be returned through of Post Office with postage paid by the client, to the address of the store.
The product must be returned with your original package, joined of all the accessories and manuals.
The product cannot present any evidence of use.

ATTENTION: The product that don't attend the conditions required above, don't will be accepted as devolution, and, automatically will be sent back to the address of origin. In these conditions, the Royal Combat will consider the right to make a new charge of postage.

Return of Values:
Credit in current account in until 10 work days.
Won't have restitution of the value of the postage.

ATTENTION: The restitution of the values will be processed only after the receive and examination of the conditions of the products in our stock. (The product cannot have any evidence of use).

NOTE: Every intention of cancellation will must obligatorily be comunicated to the Royal Combat before of the sending of the product. Otherwise, the orders won't be accepted.

2. Product without defect

New Product:
The new product has until 30 days to be replaced. Since this will be presented in the same conditions as was bought and received (in the original package and without use).

"Remember that to we made the exchange, the product must be in the original package and without use."

If you chose your product in our virtual store, but when received it don't were satisfied and wants to do a replacement for another item. Observe the rules:

Devolution of the Goods:
The product musn't present any evidence of use.
The product must be returned in the orginal package, joined of all the accessories and manuals.
The goods must be returned through of post office with postage paid and sent to the store address.

Exchange of Goods:
You can do the choice of another item according to stock available in our virtual store.
The choice will must to keep oneself back to the limit value of the product. If has difference of prices for more, will must be provided the payment of difference, through the options existent in the site.
The product will be sent to the residence of the client, against the payment of new freight.

3. Products with defect

Product with supposed fail of fabrication:
The products commercialized by Royal Combat, has until 90 days of guarantee to natural fails of fabrication. Except determined products, where the proper supplier indicates in your guarantee certificate the period of guarantee of factory and provides direct attendance to the client through of the posts of Technical Assistance.

See how to request the order of evaluation of supposed fails of fabrication:

Devolution of Goods:
The goods must be sent through the post office to the store address.
Return the product in the original package. The client must be sent in writing, a brief description about the supposed fail that makes reference the the complain, clarifying about the problem occurred, etc.

ATTENTION: Products sent out of the specification above, won't be accepted to examination of fails and automatically will be sent back to the sender.

Examination of defects of products:
The examination of defects will be happened by our suppliers, which we will receive the final report of the request for exchange.

Average period to conclusion: 15 work days after the receipt of the product.

Favorable report the exchange
The client receives the address of origin, without additional costs, the replacement for the same product.
In the absence of that product in stock, the customer will be notified and may choose another product for exchange among the options available on the site, respecting the value of the credit limit. If there is difference in price between the chosen product and the product claimed, should be provided the payment of the difference.

Report Against the Exchange:
The product will be returned to the client with the letter / report of disapproval, without any right of substitution.

Items for disapproval:

Absence of defect (not finding the damage indicated by the client).
Evidence of improper use of the product. Evidence of accidental damage.

Natural wastage in consequence of the use.

4. On behalf of Royal Combat

Automatic cancellation of purchase:
The cancellation of the application and release of products purchased by initiative of Royal Combat will be automatic in these situations:

Inability to implement the corresponding debit to purchase in the credit card.
Inconsistent of datas filled in the order. Non-payment of bank.

Lack of stock.
The Return of values at the initiative of the Royal Combat occur in the following situations:

Inability to deliver the goods acquired with a view to address the lack of delivery as indicated by the buyer, or non-accessibility. In the impossibility of delivery for that reason, the product will return to our distribution center, generating repaid by the Royal Combat the values corresponding to product prices, excluding the cost of freight.

In the event of the failure of the goods acquired by the buyer on the site of Royal Combat, according to occurrence of sales of the product, there will be the return of amounts paid to the buyer through the same means of payment used in the purchase. In such situations, the buyer will be notified of what happened.